Friday, March 23, 2012

On the Antiquity of Man in America - George Carter's rejection by the academic apparatchiks

Via Norman Muller [with apologies for changing the title].
This is a short article by Thomas Lee, supporting George Carter’s research, and commenting on the difficulty of having their ideas published. This little article comes from the Anthropological Journal of Canada, 1977


Anonymous said...

It is probably much worse today than in Carter's day, and not just archeology but just about every field. Don't rock the boat if you want to keep your title, chair, commitee chairmanship, book deal, job, reputation.

pwax said...

And just as the world of science begins to sink beneath the flood of money pressure and the authority of also-rans, miraculously the internet appears and gives us ...TA DAH!!!....the un-refereed journal.

Now that was'nt so hard was it?