Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Merril Hill Hudson , NH

You can see it is a pretty big woods on the north side of Merill Hill and I wanted to get there. I thought maybe I could cut across from the top of the hill and stopped for a detour to look at the little hill at 'C' on the map. Just one structure, at the very top:
with a suggestive shape on that upper rock - it looks deliberately formed.
Driving onward to the top of the hill the landowner said "no, use the public entrance on Musquash" which left me with an extra mile at the beginning and end of the hike - a long slog for me. It might be worth trying to figure out how to get in from the north. 
In retrospect it did not seem like a great walk, mostly just a long slog. But I guess I am getting jaded because I did find a couple of sites.
At 'A', a ridge had a few piles on it, seemingly almost in a line:
One gets the impression of a 'head stone'.
Onward...up the hill...into the far backyard of that unhelpful landowner...down to around 'B' which was my goal in the first place. On the top map it is an area with interesting topography and water. But by the time I got there I was tired out and what I saw was weird anyway, so I headed back to the car....I thought. 
I have to interrupt the rock pile account to mention some of the nice nature on the way from 'A' to 'B'.
  • This guy was a long way from water up on the hillside:
  •  This bit of light in a small woodland pond needed to be photo'd
  •  And you know what this is:
Meanwhile back at the rock piles...what was weird at 'B' was how about 6 stone walls came together in a messy set of corners and enclosures. It was hard to photo:
Nestled within one corner, in the upper left of the above picture, was a large rock pile with a bit of dirt on it and a feathering of ferns. A direct view:
There was a second one a few steps away. The walls from a different (equally uninformative) direction.
After this I headed back towards my car. Ended up getting lost and hiking for an extra 3/4 hours anyway.
This pretty flower was new to me. Seen growing at the wall junction:


Curt Hoffman said...

According to my maps, you have been to site A before. Previously you noted "several" rock piles there; now you have defined that as being 4.

Zhakeira Obrien said...

very beautiful trail...... and nice place...

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pwax said...

There are several clusters of piles in there. Did not see them all this last time.

Jenny Fulton said...

Its a nice place to hike!

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Jared Zimmerman said...

Seriously that turtle wants to be in the water. =)

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