Friday, June 19, 2015

Solstice Stones, Stonehenge and Patch Hill (CT, England & MA)

From the Old Sketchbook.
A link to: Solstice Stones, Stonehenge and Patch Hill

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Anonymous said...

If I recall there are no other stones on Patch Hill. I missed your original comment. I would be glad to show it to you sometime. PWax should have my contact information.

Triangulation is best applied on near flat surfaces. There is a pretty good grade between the stone and the rise. Amateur alignments based off the stupid sheet and evidence of indigenous piles lead to the observation. Without either it is a grave marker. Slightly up trail is a wall with three or four platforms. I have not tried to evaluate those. From the first or second platform this may be the pointer rather than the observation point.

-Russ M