Thursday, June 18, 2015

Solstice Viewing at Patch Hill in Boxborough

From Russ Mullen:
 You posted photos on September 24th 2014 of my proposed equinox alignment.  Here are the directions.
Enter from the parking off Liberty Square road.  Take the access trail to the blue secondary trail.  Follow it uphill and the stone is about 20 yards off trail half way on the right, approximately near the last blue dots on the bottom of the map.  Link to full map:

Wednesday September 23rd. / Sunrise


Tim MacSweeney said...

A search on "Patch Hill" on this blog brings up some wonderful examples of Indigenous Stonework, including a photo of the Standing Stone {} where I asked in 2014: "Is there another stone this event was observed from?" Is there a stone (or something) to view the event from??

Anonymous said...

Uphill there are two platforms that may qualify

- Russ M