Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Stone Mounds (Morris/Litchfield CT)

I was walking along some undulating rows of stones, open space land now, probably post contact time pasture turned woodlot as the times changed when the automobile replaced the horse, when I encountered some stone mounds in a sea of wet ferns on the first day of June, the rainy cold beginning of Meteorological Summer.

The first may be just a "modern" creation, stones piled to make some wide modern pathways, the rows of stones looking scant, slim and sloppy as if they had possibly been "harvested" in the last couple hundred years maybe:

   I'd been by this one before and I didn't stay long to look, continued on along fairly level ground. I got off the path when I saw some sizable stones visible sticking up above the ferns, just before the drop down to a very large swamp:
The entire set will end up on my Flickr page, as the opportunity or insomnia arises. Some of the other stonework, some possibly related to the cranberry bog below these mounds, is already up here: 

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