Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Solstice Ledge View/ Surface. Arch. Along A Brook

From Matt Howes:
Hello All, 

   Just thought I would share with people some recent posts from my blog and to stay in touch.  First is a very interesting ledge in Sherborn, MA. that I took note of and feel strongly about the features associated with the site:

     And finally are some stone tools I found (on the surface) along a brook.  I did not disclose the location of the brook on my blog for sensitivity reasons.  Just between us these  tools were found along the banks of Beaver Brook which is right behind the College Rock ledge by the Hopkinton/ Holliston town lines.  Curt- the cairn field/ stone mound site I showed you and Walter Van Rogen last summer by college rock is located on the slope above this part of the brook.  Here is what I found poking out of the mud along the brook (also in dry spots in the water table)-

PS- stone tool #6 (which is picture #10) was found off of South Mill St. in Hopkinton (MA.) last summer poking out of mud on the bank of a pond off the street.  I noticed the quartz poking out of the mud and picked it up, and noticed it was a nice proj. point. Everything else in this blog post was found along Beaver Brook this spring. 

I hope these findings are helpful to your/ our research.  And I wish everybody the best of luck and happiness.  Stay in touch, 


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