Thursday, June 11, 2015

Native American Mounds (GA)

    "Permanently disabled, Zimmerman began looking for a rustic hideaway and ended up buying 74 acres in Richland Township, Berks County, not far from Crystal Cave. He began exploring his property in an off-road vehicle — and made what he says is a startling discovery. The steep terrain was full of earth mounds, carefully constructed rock piles and other evidence of life among previous residents that he believes could date back to pre-Columbian times. Excited, he began seeking confirmation.
    Unfortunately, his claims haven't generated much interest. He's looking for someone with expertise in this area to see his discoveries firsthand. "I know what I have here," he insists..."

    Bill White writes, referring to the story above: "My column today mentions a Georgia author who responded to my recent story about a Berks County man who believes mounds and cairns on his remote property date back to ancient Native Americans. 
    In preparing that earlier column, I ran photos past a couple of experts who were unimpressed. But as I wrote today, Rick Zimmerman of Richmond Township received a lot of support in emails I received and sent on to him.
     Zimmerman told me last week he hadn't contacted any of those people yet. But I learned after my column was filed Wednesday night that since we spoke, he reached out to one of the people with Lenni Lenape connections, who probably will visit his property this fall, when the foliage isn't so thick.
     Still, the message Zimmerman found most intriguing came from Richard Thornton of Georgia, president of the Apalache Foundation:"


pwax said...

It astounds me that people are not capable of the simplest Google search.

Tommy Hudson said...

Is that Berks County PA or Burkes County GA?

Tommy Hudson said...

Never mind, it's Berks County PA. I Googled it. :-). Thx Peter.