Friday, April 27, 2007

And Still More from Bucks County

By Geophile

I got the pictures I took with my SLR back from the developer and there are a few worth adding. Above is a stone row we saw at that site. Nice one, I thought.

I posted a picture of this rock on the Portal, but this is a better picture and includes the rock next to it, which was equally interesting. The long rock pile/wall there was the length of the two of them together.

I had several more pictures of rock piles, but I'm sure you've seen enough (as if that could happen!). Anyway, here's the best of the rock pile pictures from there. Nice spot.


dd said...

Ancient American magazine has had a couple articles recently on rock formations in Eastern PA. See issues 51, 70, 72.

Also, I'm looking for any available data on rock mounds in wester PA for a future article.

Geophile said...

Yes, I saw all of those articles. Those sites are fairly near thhis one, a county or two away.

pwax said...

The last picture looks like piles I saw in Westford/Tyngsborough that seem like gateways. Those piles were at a brook headwater.

pwax said...

dd: You should search this blog (botton at top) for "PA" or "Pennsylvania" to see what else has been posted about that area.

Anonymous said...

What is the nature of the article in issue 72 of Ancient American?
I've seen the other two issues.


Geophile said...

I think it's called Pennsylvania's Stone Forts.