Monday, April 30, 2007

One more rock pile from VA

Karen H. writes in:

Here are more photos. I have a theory that native peoples honored "faces" that would appear in stone through natural means. Some of these pictures include stones that could have weathered naturally, but may have been used in ceremony because of their unique characteristics.
037 - effigy head - appears to be fashioned after a skull, with intentional scoring on left face and "eyes" and "nose" added
055 - Several interesting rocks found in site
045 - a taller rock pile
044 - rock wall ends abruptly (corner top of piles field site)
031 - more of the rock wall
021 - another strange rock
020 - face in the rock
004 - rock splits boulder


JimP said...

Wow, a split-wedge in VA. I think that's the furthest away from New England I have heard of that particular feature occurring at a rockpile site.

pwax said...

Some comments:
- In the second picture, the broken rocks look almost like tools.
- The rocks in the "taller pile" are much less lichen covered than the ones in the wall. I wonder why?
- I wonder how many miles of stone wall are in the woods in VA? Does it compare to New England? If so that would be interesting since VA was not glaciated.

pwax said...

Many of the rocks in the pile look to have been broken deliberately. From quarrying or stone tool making? Not sure what other reason there would be to break rock out there in the woods.