Thursday, April 26, 2007

Perched Boulder, etc - Garfield Woods, Berlin MA - Sudbury Vally Trustees Land

The Sudbury Vally Trustees Land or "SVT" own a number of properties in my county and adjacent counties. This one is in Berlin Mass. [Click here for the SVT website] As far as I could tell the land has been pretty harshly used but still there were traces of the ceremonial: split-wedged rocks here and there, perched boulders, maybe a total of three legit rock piles. Here is a picture of my son Joe. Behind him is a rock on boulder that takes the cake for highest-off-the-ground.I don't quite trust this as a ceremonial feature. It is next to a trail. However, this little structure at the saddle between two of the sub-hills, seems legit. I went looking for something in the saddle and I found it.
Here is one of the few piles that looked interesting:
Let's take one more look at that perched boulder:So maybe I should show this one too:


Immydog said...

can you give me more info on what a perched boulder is? please?

pwax said...

Try sending an email.