Monday, April 30, 2007

Princess Red Wing - Indian Communications

by JimP
Princess Red Wing had a tremendous influence on my life and she was always a source of boundless inspiration. I credit her with not only giving me a proper education at a time when all textbooks stereotyped Indians, but she also shaped my senses of tolerance, respect, and reverence to the diversities of cultures in humankind. She was quite a woman. Her work lives on in me and countless other children that she touched in her long lifetime.

With that said, I was delighted (as I always am) to find yet another bit of her writing in the archives of academia. A quote from that article was on topic enough to post here. The article is titled Indian Communications and it can be found in College Composition and Communication, Vol. 23, No. 5. (Dec., 1972), pp. 350-356.

All over New England there were bounding rocks. With these the Indians sent messages, by a code, for miles. These were huge rocks, hollowed out underneath so they would send a sound when flat stones were moved on them. Today some people call them cup and saucer rocks.
Anytime you have a chance to read anything by Princess Red Wing don't miss out. I also recommend everyone head down to the Tomaquag Indian Memorial Museum in Exeter, RI where you are invited to sit and listen to their extensive collection of recordings by Princess Red Wing telling the stories that she had recounted so many times to thousands upon thousands of schoolchildren all over New England.

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Sally said...

Jim P - I have been asked to write a profile of Princess Red Wing - would love to hear more of your recollections of her if you are willing to share.