Friday, April 23, 2010

California Quarry and Overlook Mt. Cairns

A link from the NEARA bulletin board:

Through my blinders, this looks like "hollows", "tails", and "ski jumps". In other words, pretty much the same culture as I have been writing about. Let's call it the "Inland Empire" for a moment. It is particularly interesting that the Hudson River is less of a barrier than the Nashua River; as if to the east of the Nashua some other culture was blocking this Inland culture. Perhaps Norman M. can comment on the similarity with the Oley Hills site.

Update: Norman corrects me. The Nashua River is not a real boundary.

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Norman said...

I have no doubt there was an Indian stone building culture in the Northeast long before the European invasion of the 17th century. Similarity morphology and constuction methods are found throughout this area, and the large platform cairns I've been focusing on are not confined to areas west of the Nashua River, although the greatest density of this type of cairn is found there.