Thursday, April 08, 2010

Visit to Cheney Audubon Preserve part 4, April 5

Ted Hendrickson continues:

I had been dwelling a bit on the "valley" formations and the thought came to me that the stream we had followed up the path may be important. Where did it come from anyway? A spring? I went back to look and sure enough at the bottom of the valley out from disturbed pile of rocks, the source of the stream trickled from under this pointed stone and a second trickle running from rocks to the left.
A view of two small rivulets that form the start of the stream
As I was turning to shoot the piles that were near the spring I noticed this hanging item in front of my lens!
Looked like the air catcher for a wind chime, string and swivels still attached, but no sign of any sound making equipment nearby. It was basically hanging right over the spring. Hmm... Someone is signifying something... The stream gradually widens, flowing past the small cairns mentioned earlier. Here is a closer view of the stream that terminates further down the path in a small pond that continues draining to join a larger stream that ends up flowing to the road.
I don't know if the direction of the valley could be significant or not. I also realize this might be "wishful seeing", finding what you are predisposed to look for. Its a lovely spot anyway and is great that its land preserve. We discovered that Morgan Cheney donated the land in the 1970's after running the land as a cattle fields, the C-Lazy-Y ranch in the 30' s and 40's.

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