Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A spring at the end of a row

by theseventhgeneration
This is a revisit to a site in Arctic China state forest. The focus on this post is one of the stone rows at the site, and a spring that I did not discover when I was out there two years ago. The site is separated by a wide dirt logging road.

Starting at the higher end of the site, where the majority of the rock piles are located, is this small, inconspicuous line of rock piles.Heading down the line of rock piles, on the other (south) side of the dirt logging road, it seems to turn into more of a stone row with only an occasional rock structure poking out above the dead leaves. This one:...then this one which, arguably, may be the end of the row:Further downhill, some strange configuration of rocks next to this boulder. The boulder also looks like it has a couple of shims between it and the very bottom rock, but I'm not certain if that's natural or man-made. The structure in the prior photo is just visible in the background, up the hill at the base of the tree.Suddenly, as from nowhere, this small niche appears with water coming out of it......and a short distance from that, a small pool of spring water appears (with a pretty rock on rock just to the left, although it's cut off in this picture)...
...and then runs downhill into the East Branch Cold Spring Creek.To put this into perspective (not insinuating any alignments of structures to the sunset here), this site has rock structures, a spring, and a nice view of the Winter Solstice sunrise.


pwax said...

What is the brown "V" displayed slightly to the left and above center in the picture?

theseventhgeneration said...

That is the road (dirt) coming out from the left side of the picture and heading toward the sunset. The other part of the V is a farmer's field. Even further down in the valley is another (main) road which I think you can see a little bit of if you click on the image to enlarge it.