Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Site with a central "mound" - part 2

This is a minor site from a general locale in Leominster that has lots of interesting and big rock piles -some with multiple hollows. I thought it would be worth exploring around the fringes of the site I knew. At one point on the hillside, there was smeared "mound" near a larger rock. Uphill was rock-on-rock and across an adjacent stone wall were a couple of other minor piles that might have been part of the original site - assuming the wall was built later. I am adding this site to my little "report" because of the nature of this smeared pile:Here we are looking at the pile from the direction of the larger boulder:Let's look more carefully at the smear:
I think this is not without some information; there is some similarity with the central "mound" from the Boxborough site, reported here in part 1.

There is a view of Mt Wachusett in the background and, yes, I think this is classical "Wachusett Tradition" site, although barely even there.

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