Sunday, April 04, 2010

Small point from Lakeville

Chris P. had some good luck looking in a cornfield. Here is a find in its original context:This is a possible Hardaway Dalton:From an unknown type of material:


Douglas Watts said...

Pwax -- these points look like they are made of weakly metamorphosed schist or siltstone. The triangle point looks to be of Ceramic period. This is odd material for points, but southeastern Mass. around Assawompsett does not have readily available quarrying sources for the good stuff. Most points are from glacial rubble or imported.

pwax said...

I was trying to remember that phrase "metamorphosed schist" which I think I heard before. Sounds right.

But I do not think it is Ceramic period. I think it is late paleo because I have almost identical points from a spot where there was a small fluted point, as well. So I take this to be "Hardaway-Dalton".