Monday, April 05, 2010

Serpent Wall from N. Stonington CT

Norman Muller writes:

Last November Larry Harrop showed Bob Miner, my wife and me a serpentine wall in N. Stonington, one that Larry had seen before and posted images of it on his website. The serpent connection is undeniable. From the large rock pile or head, the wall ascends a steep slope to a narrow ridge, then turns left along the ridge for a short distance. The stonework near the crest of the slope has the intricate combination of large and small stones arranged in an artistic way that is (to me) characteristic of Indian walls . Along the latter portion of the wall I photographed Larry. At the end of the wall or snake were two niches, one on either side of the wall. This image shows one of the niches with a bottle in the background containing instructions for the sport called something like geocaching. This image shows another niche just to the left of the fern.

Tommy Hudson, a researcher from Georgia, made some comment about the N. Stonington serpent wall, but I can’t quite recall. Maybe Larry knows.

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Larry said...

I think it was Herman Bender who thought that it represents a serpent coming out of the niche and going over the outcrop.

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