Thursday, November 30, 2006

Encircled Rock Pile - from George Patterson

A hunter, George Patterson, filed a NEARA site report for a site in Westboro he noticed while out in the wood. Here is his site description:

Several years ago, while bow hunting, I noticed a circular mound of rocks. The mound is less than 2-3 feet tall and less than 10 ft. across. Additionally, there is a circle of larger rocks around the mound. The stone circle may be 20 -25 ft. across.
This structure is located at the bottom ( east side ) of a hill on the edge of a swamp. There is a stone wall running diagonally down the hill. The stone wall ends at the bottom of the hill and near this mound .

In addition, George email'ed me some photos of the site.
I think the following photos are different views of the mound surrounded by a circle.
It is hard to photograph these things but I think I can see a circle of stones around the central rock pile.

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pwax said...

I should add that this circle around a pile is not something I have seen before (or at least I not noticed).