Sunday, July 18, 2021

Name that rock


I am posting a new pic of this material, against a neutral background, an unpolished surface.

I believe this is called a metamorphic igneous rock. Does it have a name? It is from glacial gravel on the beach.

Previously Had:

Can anyone offer a clue about what kind of rock this is? It looked like granite at first but it is mostly a reddish mineral:

What I take to be a working edge, was upper-right in first pic, lower-right in second pic. Here:

Monday, July 05, 2021

Trail Maintenance with Stile/Style (Essex CT)

    I usually find myself shaking my head at "Trail Maintenance Photos" that breach "stone walls" and otherwise disturb probable Indigenous Ceremonial Stone Landscape features, but I'd like to give a CSL award to the Windswept Ridge Preserve of Essex, CT for this remarkable alternative to disturbing possibly quite ancient rows of stones or Qusuqaniyutôkanash...

(Photo by Jason Greene:)