Monday, November 10, 2008

Spruceton NY Cairn Site

Norman Muller writes:
Ted Timreck and I met with Glenn Kreisberg yesterday for a tour of a spectacular cairn site in Spruceton, NY, in the Catskill Mountains. This is a site that Tom Paul is familiar with. The site, little more than a few acres in size, consists of a dozen or so very large platform cairns with many smaller stone piles and cairns scattered about, all found within a fairly open wooded area off a trail which heads to a mountain gap or pass. There is a beautiful stream that parallels the trail. The site was found by Dave Holden, a Woodstock resident and NEARA member, while on a hike some years back. Many of the cairns are beautifully constructed, as the photos indicate, and can be compared to those found in most New England states and along the Appalachian Mountain chain to the south.


pwax said...

The large cairn in the 2nd photo looks damaged in an interesting way, as if rocks were moved or removed from the lower layers. Any guesses?

theseventhgeneration said...

What a great site and beautiful pictures!

Chris Pittman said...

Those are amazing.