Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little Bear Hill - Westford, MA

This is a little hill I visited a few years ago in southern Westford near Carlisle, with a site on the northeastern side. It is unusual to find a site on the northeastern slope (Nobscott Hill in Sudbury comes to mind as another example) and I tried hard to come up with some reason for it. I could not see a view through the trees and had to look at what was there on the ground. A beautiful day with the sun coming from the south, through the gray glare. And the site was bigger than I remembered. I remembered it as one small cluster of piles but this time I saw things over the entire slope. Including the aperture pile I was discussing with theseventhgeneration (here) and a scattering of piles and boulders across the hillside.There were several varieties of split-wedged rock which I showed here and here. And there were several constructs that might have been "gateways".Certainly splits of one sort or another were very much in evidence, here in the snow.
Maybe other details were suppressed. Climbing up towards the top.I'll just post this picture again, since it is so examplifies the idea of rock piles right up against suburbia (a house is visible in the background):Here is some more suburbia (I showed this before):Going back down the hill towards the east, there was a least one pile with some quartz in it: closer: And also some piles build on supports with quartz:At the bottom, some piles along the developing gully:And in the wetland at the bottom of the hill, more structures respecting split rocks:

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