Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Split Wedge Rock in Westminster

Reader Nate Johnson writes:
I found this Split Wedge Rock formation out in the woods behind my parents house. The rock must weigh a ton. I've read that the Native Americans thought they were spirit portals. They must've spent a long time to wedge it open like this. We're located in Westminster, MA if someone wants to check it out. Once some snow melts that is.  There are also a few really old sunken in cairns in the area.
I have a couple pics of some of the rock piles. By "Sunken" I meant that there's a lot more rocks than you can see on the surface. Leaf litter is covering most of the smaller piles. 


pwax said...

I can't wait. I wonder if "sunken" is what I call a "hollow"?

pwax said...

The idea of spirit portals is a hypothesis. I don't know if there is any confirmed ethnographic support for the idea.