Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Arrowheads 2013 In Review

My best finds, month by month, 2013.
My best quartzite point so far.
My first month with zero finds, in a long time. Too much snow...
My first Jack's Reef.
The two on the left were my first finds in a new place that turned out to be really productive.
All of these were from one place, over two weekends.
It was a tough summer for finding artifacts this year...
First find in another new place.
That pretty pink and red Greene point was my best find of 2013.
Two tiny so-called "bird points."
Most unexpected find: Broken Stark point in my dad's driveway.
Biggest "first" of the year: my first soapstone bowl fragment.
Best "in situ" photo: I have two candidates, the Jack's Reef and photo 5 in this post.
Heartbreaker of the year: broken Levanna base from this post. Also this Neville base from the fall:
I spent a lot of time searching in 2013 and I spent a lot of that time not finding anything. A real productive spot from 2012 produced very little for me this year, another favorite place yielded up nothing at all. I offset that somewhat by finding a couple of new spots and I am proud of my finds but wish I could have found one or two more nice points in different shapes and materials. I feel like I have had better luck in other years. One lesson I have learned about this hobby this year is that there are absolutely no guarantees, ever. I can remember a few times after hard rains in gorgeous conditions in very productive places where I searched hard for hours and walked away with nothing. There is an element of luck to this that nothing can change. I wish everybody a wonderful New Year and hope everyone finds more of whatever they are looking for in 2014!


pwax said...

Thanks for showing us these great finds.

Kierran Broatch said...

Looks a like a productive year! Very similar material and typology to what I am finding (or trying to find!) here in CT. Are you mostly searching farm fields? Thanks for sharing.