Saturday, February 27, 2016

More Warren Brook

This is going to be a bit perfunctory. Continuing from here lets look at 'E', 'F', and 'G'. 
On the way over from 'D' there were a couple nice piles, off by themselves:
At  'E' I was on the north side of the feeder brook and could see a lovely pair of rock piles, across the brook. But it was a hard crossing and my temporary "cane" snapped at the last moment and I got one toe wet:
But obviously I had to get over there to take better look:
It's too bad I crossed because as I went down stream I saw another nice pair of rock piles, over on the north side of the brook, at 'F'. I viewed them from a distance:
I did not see at first that there was a third pile in the same line (diagonal to the wall) with a sense of a collapsed hollow. This one was closer to the brook:
And a step later, was a mill-race. 
I want to comment that there was a similarity between "E' and 'F' which I did not pursue as I followed the Upton State Forest road westward for a few yards and then headed up hill. Going up hill is a bad habit I got from Bruce McAlleer, at least around this part of Upton, because the activity is down near the water more than up on the hillsides. But I got lucky and did find a large structure at 'G'
From above:
From below:
It is another of those "knoll-top" mounds.

And that was all I found that day.

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