Monday, March 14, 2016

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"It appears that the Sickanamers before mentioned, make a sort of sacrifice. They have a hole in a hill in which they place a kettle full of all sorts of articles that they either have by them, or can procure, as a part of their treasures. Then a snake comes in, then they all depart, and the Manittou, that is the Devil, comes in the night and takes the kettle away, according to the statement of the Koutsinacka, or devil-hunter, who presides over the ceremony." (Wassanaer [1625]1909:87)

WASSANAER, Nicolaes van. [1625] 1909. Historisch Verhael. In Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664 (Original Narratives of Early American History). NY: Charles Scribner's Sons.