Monday, May 15, 2017

Lithic Finds

With all the rain, still not much:
The base of a broken quartz arrowhead, and a little "graver" from argillite. I think the "beak of the bird" is deliberate, given how the edge is worked.
I believe this is a complete item.
You can see how the surface is softened and smoothed from contact with something - presumably a person's fingers:
It was being worn down to a stub.


AML said...

I'm curious. What is a "graver"?"

pwax said...

A graver is a tool that makes scratches or grooves.

That might not have been the purpose of the rock's point but it is a possibility.

Chris Pittman said...

Nice finds Peter! I like them both.

Anonymous said...

What are the best places to look for arrowheads? Any tips to share? Thanks