Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fine "geology" - Propped Boulder Stagecoach Rd Lunenburg

What a spot.

Added: I just remembered Mavor and Dix reported a similar find, with Norman Muller sending photos and discussion here. Did I rediscover the same place? I cannot quite tell. Certainly my find makes me think the propped block was lifted from below. Yeah, the more I look, the more I think it is the same place. But it is weird; this was not an easy spot for me to get to - I think I was trespassing the whole time - lost also. All the less likely to get multiple visits from random rock structure enthusiasts.
Since Norman comments that the place is not easy to find, I would say: walk north on Stagecoach Rd (after sneaking around the residence and the "Private Road" signs) until you get to the highest point - where  the outcrops are visible next to the road. This propped rock will not be too hard to locate in that vicinity.
Update: Here is a report from Norman.


pwax said...

I want to comment on something. The propped up block is the same material as the ledge it sits on. So it just cannot be a glacial erratic and must be man made.

Norman said...

Funny, I was looking through my Lunenburg photos and the ones I took of the propped or pedestaled boulder, and the one you show is the one I saw. I have a number of photos of it, plus one or two of the support stone.

Tommy Hudson said...

Wow, what a rock! These have always been interesting to me. Are there any springs or rock piles nearby? If these are manmade, I wonder if there's any info on what they might mean?

pwax said...

The area was surprisingly barren otherwise - not that my stumbling through there was much of a "survey". I saw one rock pile at the swamp's edge, 1/2 mile to the east, and a small group of broken-down piles (each with <5 rocks) some distance to the west.