Sunday, May 20, 2018

"Mystery of Stone Walls" (CT)

The enduring elegance and mystery of stone walls: Who built them and why at the heart of an ongoing debate
The Day
Published February 02. 2018
By Steve Fagin  (Photos by Markham Starr and  Carl Tjerandsen )

"Lace up your hiking boots, grab a trekking pole and set out on a woodland stroll anywhere in eastern Connecticut or western Rhode Island, and before long you will encounter a stone wall..."


Tim MacSweeney said...

Photo 2: "route to the afterlife"?? The Underwater/Underworld where the Great Serpent lives might be another thought, passing throught this world along rivers, underground streams etc.

Tommy Hudson said...

In pic #1 the wall may be intentionally ‘transparent’ and may be the point at which the serpent wall passes throught the thin veil that seperates this world from the spirit world.