Thursday, June 14, 2018

YouTube "Ancient Civilization" search

Cliff dwelling In Arkansas:

Not sure where:



Tim MacSweeney said...

Scott Carpenter, the second video:
Great Smokey Mountains National Park?

Tim MacSweeney said...

More Ancient Ruins in Bigfoot Research Area (May 2013): “I returned to the area where I documented the rock columns and began to survey the area. It appears there was a large complex in this area. I found rock walls, a possible ruin of a large structure, stone entrance, boulders with tool or machine marks, rock columns, and possible burial sites... Finally I find a stone circle with a pointed stone in the middle...”

Jeanne said...

Thank you! Thank you! For the links. And the post. I find this most fascinating. There are Bigfoot researchers in the Western U.S. who have found medicine wheels in B.F. research areas.

pwax said...

Conspiracy theorists sometimes make better observations than "scientists". My example: contrails.

Jeanne said... This is a link to an article (or a few) about the rock wall in Texas.

pwax said...

I saw that Texas wall on YouTube but I did not post a link because I think it is natural geology.

Anonymous said...

NOW I know who built those beautiful stone cairns in Olney Hills! Bigfoot! Wow!