Saturday, October 27, 2018

Where bedrock gives way to sandy lowlands, north of Providence RI - a prediction

If you look at a topo map of where MA meets the corner of RI, you will see "uplands" developing to the north of brooks and rivers leading down into Woonsocket, Pawtucket, and Providence. You can see a shadow across the middle of the map where the "hills" are colored differently - inside the blue outline. I mean in places like Cumblerland RI, Plaineville, Wrentham, and Foxborough.

Having seen what I am calling "Wrentham Pavements" in Wrentham, I predict that the same will be found in all of these towns. It is easy to imagine people living by these waters, heading as far uphill as possible to make mounds - and there the mounds are today.

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Curt Hoffman said...

Peter -
I checked my inventory and I actually have no sites within the blue oval, aside from the one you most recently posted and a small site on Redbrush Hill you posted a while back. I agree that it's not unlikely there are sites there, and if there are quite a number of them on both sides of the border, it will suggest that they were placed there prior to the establishment of the RI/MA boundary: i.e., pre-Contact. Happy hunting!