Sunday, December 23, 2018

Wall and cairn site in Pickens County, SC

From reader dg:

I thought you might find this site interesting. It is located in the mountains of northern Pickens Co., SC. The approach is a little hazardous during the warm season (snakes, ticks, spiders, poison ivy, hidden 100-foot drop-offs, etc.), so I’ve slowly been documenting it during the winter months for a few years. I’ve also visited it with Tommy Hudson and Bill Phillips, so they may have some additional insights. I know that Bill recently showed it in one of his presentations. The most prominent features are a number of relatively short parallel walls (I’ve counted eleven) in a good state of preservation. Along with less clear features, including some cairns and berms, the whole assemblage covers a couple of acres. The walls, though in good condition, are not tall enough to be parts of livestock pens. There is no indication that the walls were joined together in the past, so the common assertion that these types of site are part of old farms seems unlikely. There are also some narrow paths or tracks on a hill adjacent to the walls — Tommy has suggested they might possibly be a result of early logging operations in the vicinity. In all, an intriguing site.

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