Thursday, February 20, 2020

Faces (MD)

 Sherry R. writes, “I read your blog about the little face found in Lisbon (CT):

  I have a collection of artifacts found from 1900-1930 off a farm in Maryland including little faces. The faces look like individuals and are small and flat… I believe they are clay, but not sure..."
{This might be a soapstone pendant, with the obvious break, perhaps?}

"This is a piece of pottery shard on the board and stone beads:"


Norman said...

That little head with the large round earrings could be Adena, and we know that the Adena influence extended to the coast.

Norman said...

I'd say that the rather wide variety of styles shown in the title heads is evidence that they represent a collection that someone accumulated over years, rather than objects that someone found in a farmer's field.

Tim MacSweeney said...

Lucianne Lavin writes

Hi Tim,

I hope you are well (and washing your hands regularly to stay that way -- it's virus time).

Because the heads are out of context, it is difficult to say much about them except that they appear to be clay. Also, they do not look like the small stone heads I have seen from New England and New York. Rather, they look as if they were based on actual human models; i.e., living people at the time of their creation. We really don't know for certain what they represent. It is assumed those from the Northeast represent deities or ancestral spirits, but it is only an assumption. Also, because the Maryland ones are out of context , that is, not in their original location/archaeological context, we have no idea when they were created or who created them. They could have been made in the early 20th century AD, or five hundred or five thousand years earlier.

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