Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Manitou's "Boulder Ridge" in Falmouth

On page 62 of my (2nd) edition of Manitou, Mavor and Dix describe a site in Falmouth they call "Boulder Ridge". I don't remember if I found this place or used Mavor's maps - which he gave me copies of. Anyway, the survey they did shows a site with lots of details and bears little resemblance to the pictures I took there the other day. My impression is that this is a marker pile site and so I looked for a larger lower "mound" that might be associated to this but found nothing. Just a few very decrepit piles lost in the blueberry bushes an an even slope:

 This one was at the edge of the site, next to a main trail - a clear sign to anyone walking bye.
What Mavor and Dix have to say about this place is far more interesting than any observations I can make. As I look at page 62 I am reminded how careful those authors were.

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