Saturday, August 15, 2020

 Reader Connor B. writes:

I was exploring the cliff edges of Mt Tom in Holyoke MA far from any trails and I found this. Have you ever seen something similar? It was right up on the edge of the cliff, looking west. 


pwax said...

My first impression was that this is not an identifiable pattern, so I was suspicious about it being a ceremonial structure. Looking at it again, it seems clear enough: this is a platform that, at some point, supported a heavy structure - like a water tank. You can see how pressure has pushed the platform down in the middle and you can see a different rock at one corner, maybe a shim for the fourth "leg" of something.

I would look for other things below and downhill.

Nells said...

Don't forget, there used to be a "railroad" on Mt Tom. BUT to my knowledge it was always electric.