Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Upside down Manitou Stone

 The sister of a friend writes:

These were taken [In Northhampton MA] around 11:45 am, so the sun is in the south.  The front of the stone faces due north (I used my compass).

It's on the north side of a hill, facing downhill toward a wetland area, about .25 miles at the bottom of the hill (See last photo).

Above to the SW is the top of a rocky knoll.  And there are many large and small boulders  all the  around and down the hill -- which is why this whole area is sometimes called "The rocks."
Ruff was kind enough to be my model, for perspective.

As you can see there are now that obvious human-made markings on the face of the stone,but the shape is suspiciously symmetrical.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know the origin for the name of "Fortification Hill" which is right in that area? Been asking local folks for years but no-one has an answer. There's no record I can find of a colonial fort having been built anywhere near there. Perhaps it refers to the palisaded village known to have been built by the Nonotuck community following the Mohawk destruction of the village of Pocumtuck farther north in 1667 (I believe). But I've long wondered if it actually refers to stone constructions, maybe ancient, already present when the europeans first pushed upriver, like stone constructions they encountered and named "Indian Forts" elsewhere in New England. Unfortunately, a 19th century quarry was run there which may have obliterated whatever may have existed. Your find may be a clue though.