Monday, February 08, 2021

Alaska Science Forum: Were blue beads in the tundra the first U.S. import from Europe? | Juneau Empire

 Norman sent this link [not rock pile related]:

This is about glass beads found in Alaska firmly dated to pre-Columbus times. I love this story because the standard "peopling of America" nonsense is forced to choose: either the beads got there overland from the east coast and - how the heck did they get across the Atlantic?; or the beads came from Asia and  - who needs a land bridge?

Also, since the beads came from Venice, how did they get to Siberia before crossing the Pacific?

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Bruce said...

Long time no talk Peter! I've always had a huge problem with the "land bridge" hypothesis. For one, it doesn't explain certain South American sites that date to at least 12,000 B.C.E nor the more controversial sites in Eastern North America like Topper, etc. Because, you know, people ended up on islands in the middle of the Pacific (like Hawaii) and obviously needed to use boats to get to such places. Australia was first populated some 60,000 years ago and people would have needed boats to get there.