Sunday, May 02, 2021

Ontario Mounds

Reader Joanne writes:

We found these unusual stacked rock piles deep in the woods.  The one is quite large, almost an igloo shape, maybe 10 feet across and 4 feet high with a depression in the centre. It is made up of carefully placed stones.  About 65 feet away from it is a flat circular mound about 6 feet across, under a very distinctive bent tree.
Further on in the woods we found another stacked pile up against a rock out cropping but I don't have a clear photo of it. These piles are well back in the woods and not near any homesteads or farms, or even roads. 

 Any thoughts on their origin?  Thanks for taking a look at them.

[Added later:] This site is west of Algonquin park in Ontario. In the park itself there are 41 smaller rock cairns but none as large as this one.


pwax said...

Long time readers of this blog know there are frequent references to "rectangular mounds with hollows'. That seems like a correct description of what we see in the photos. I believe they are burial mounds.

It is interesting to compare these to the "barrel" mounds ("Cairns") also from Ontario, a few posts ago.

Anonymous said...

These are not burial mounds. There is nothing in them and never is. These are stone prayers. They are symbolic.