Friday, September 24, 2021

Early peopling of the Americas - back now at 23,000 years ago

Finally the "Clovis First" numbskulls have to shut up. Even better, the "Beringian Land Bridge" dopes need to shut up too. 

Fossilized footprints show humans made it to North America much earlier than first thought - CNN

A point I have been trying to drum into the ears of some of my colleagues down on Cape Cod, is that Woods Hole was free of ice before 18 K years ago, and was part of the same landmass that was contiguous with the rest of un-glaciated America. In other words, there were probably people around here in the same time frame as the people who made those footprints.

I call conventional thinkers "numbskulls" because the evidence of man in America at those dates is clear, and all around - in the stone tools one sees - in deep glacial layers in New England, and on the surface in California. And I will say something here that is about as "fringe" as you can get: some of those ancient people were very strong, and probably pretty big. I see axe-like things I can barely lift. 

Update: The point is that with firm dates in the middle of the glaciation, there is no obvious earlier starting point for man in America. The question of timing the first Americans is wide open!


Tim MacSweeney said...

Tim MacSweeney said...

This, from the national Park Service, is nicely illustrated:

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