Monday, March 23, 2009

Above the meeting of two brooks - NY

by theseventhgeneration
I was only out for a short hike this weekend, but managed to find an interesting spot just uphill from (and east of) the meeting of two small brooks. The majority of this area is a breakout zone, but some rock piles here have structure and are clearly man-made. Here is a rock with quartz bits in it, right next to a rock pile:
One of the clearly man-made rock piles:
A crude stone row that ends at a breakout.
Another stone row at this site runs roughly north-south with the northern end being crude and winding. The southern end is a straight stone wall.
This is the northern end of the stone row.
This is the southern end. There is a small wedged rock in the picture (half meter stick in front) covered in green moss:
Looking downhill, over the small wedged rock. Can you see it down there, in the distance?
It's a larger wedged rock. This view is looking back uphill (half meter stick in front) with the stone wall just visible in the background, to the right.


pwax said...

That is a great example of a wedged rock.

theseventhgeneration said...

I was really happy when I saw it at this site. When I first started looking at rock piles, I did not find any wedged rocks. After I found one, it seemed like they started popping out at me. I think I've found about 10 of them around here. I've found mostly large ones, a couple of small ones, some at an angle and some straight up and down.

pwax said...

Again, that last picture. It is NOT and offering.