Monday, March 09, 2009

Seeking information about a site in Franklin, MA

Norman Muller asks a question. If you have any information please leave a comment or email:

Jim Mavor describes hundreds of twenty-to-forty-ton boulders in Franklin, MA, leading to a swampy area. In Manitou he illustrates a line of these boulders on page 109, and says they are in an area called "Indian Fort." Might you know exactly where this site is located, or know someone who might?


Chris Pittman said...

I live in Franklin and have looked for this site without success. Derek Gunn told me he has been there and drew me a map, but all I found was debris from the construction of Route 495. There is more to explore in that area and as soon as the last of the snow melts I hope to find this place if it still exists, I might go looking on Saturday. According to Derek, the site is very close to exit 17 on 495 and some of the boulders may actually be seen from the highway at times.

Norman said...

Let us know if you find anything. Twenty-to-forty-ton boulders sounds a bit hyperbolic, but perhaps not.