Monday, June 22, 2009

The Hopkinton Beehive - Neara Fieldtrip to Hopkinton, MA

Standing around before leaving:

This was somewhere near Whitehall Reservoir. Here we are shown a copy of a page from the book "The Ruins of Great Ireland in New England" by William B. Goodwin.Apparently this was a corbelled structure built against a boulder. All that remains today:From the side:Here is the photo Malcolm Pierson took before the book was written: Standing around at the "chamber":
Also in the neighborhood was what we were told was another stone chamber that had been reconstructed according to the owner's knowledge/belief of the structure that had been there before it had been damaged. But maybe the owner actually got the idea from Malcolm Pierson's photo? These are all historic structures (I mean they have all been written about). See Flavin's Corner on "Dolmen Doldrums".

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