Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A rare quartz wedged rock

This is the first example I have seen of quartz used as a wedge in a split rock. So this is pretty rare. Given that split rocks are suspected to represent doorways to the underworld, I always thought the absence of such quartz as a wedge was because you would not be leaving this kind of amplifier/ transmitter at an entrance. But, right or wrong, here is an example from east of Whitehall Reservoir.This leaves my theory scrambling for excuses to the effect that this must have been a particularly friendly spirit.


Anonymous said...

if this was, or there were friendly spirts, we would find a lot more represented like this. I have seen the opposite, where 2 quart vein rocks are wedged by a stone. I figure we have to stop and 'rethink' everything from before when we find oddballs

Norman said...

This reminds me of a photo I saw at a NEARA conference five or more years ago. Larry Hancock, a researcher from Vermont, had a spectacular color photo of a huge pedestaled boulder supported by three quartz cobbles. Until then, I had been skeptical whether pedestaled boulders were ever a artificial occurrence. This one example proved otherwise, at least in this case. Although this was not a split wedged boulder, the significance of quartz might parallel its use in other cases.