Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bourne Indian Cemetery

The first interesting rock pile experience this summer was when Kevin Conniff of the Bourne water department took me to visit the Indian Cemetery at Great Herring Pond in Bourne, MA. Here is a view of the cemetery with glints of blue from the water of the lake to the north: Here is a picture of Kevin next to a modern grave.You can just make out a rock pile supported on a rock in the background. Here is a closeup:I was hoping to see rock piles as "graves" there and saw these:Both are reminiscent of what I have found out in the woods but not identical. I was hoping for piles with quartz. I was also hoping for a westward view towards water. One feature I found interesting was a row of rocks placed in the ground. This could have been a line of graves or else just a variant of the stone wall that often crosses a site. It would be nice to know the significance of the flowers at either end of the row. The row is pointing at the lake behind the site.

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