Friday, August 28, 2009

Hey guys, check this out

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theseventhgeneration said...

This reminds me of this BFRO Report 14373. The 4th paragraph down under "Observed" reads: "On the far side of the hidden field is a large pile for rocks that appear to be the foundation of an old homestead. I usually climb on top of the rock pile because it is high enough for me to glass the entire field to the top, which is a couple hundred yards. I glassed the field and saw nothing, which is odd for that time of day but not unheard of. A deer trail crosses in front of the rock pile and heads into a marsh area with a thicket on the backside of the marsh."

I'm still looking for that rock pile!

Norman said...

The piles look like Inuksuits, which are usually found in the Arctic, but have been copied recently by New Agers. Some years ago, someone sent me images of Inuksuits from norther Minnesota, which were probably Indian constructions. So, take your pick for the ones in the photos: the real deal or New Age constructions