Thursday, July 15, 2010

Indian Hill - Middleboro, MA

Chris Pittman writes:
"Indian Hill" in Middleboro is topped with a large granite boulder with an Indian petroglyph of a hand and wrist (as well as other modern graffiti).The boulder is on private property, in a fenced-in backyard. On one side of the hill is a very short stretch of stone wall in an area that has been disturbed for power line construction (I didn't get a picture of the whole wall). One end of the wall is a boulder that has two rocks placed on top, one of the rocks is notched and I believe was chipped this way for some reason (clearly these rocks have not been there for all that long).Near this spot, on the ground, are two rocks with a small space between them, and one of the rocks looks like a bird.
It would be easier for me to dismiss this resemblance as a coincidence if it were not for the nearby areas of Indian rock art including Hand Rock on that same hill. This spot is near the "Wading Place" where an Indian trail forded the Nemasket.

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