Thursday, July 01, 2010

SRAC "River, Rocks, and Time"

by theseventhgeneration
Here is a link to the Susquehanna River Archaeological Center blog. In their July 2010 events post, there is this upcoming event:

History's Mysteries - Council Rock Mountain, David Gutkowski
When: Tue, July 6, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Where: SRAC - 345 Broad Street Waverly, NY
Description: This presentation will provide evidence for the recent discovery of a previously undocumented and relatively intact possible archaeoastronomy site in northeastern Pennsylvania which appears to be several thousand years old. The core of current work at the site involves four ten-to-twenty-ton zoomorphic boulders arranged in a meadow in a way that seasonal events are clearly marked by the position of the sun. Preliminary research theorizes a date of original construction as early as 1825 BCE with more recent modifications done in 125 BCE. Could it be that early native people constructed such a site, or is pre-Columbian trans-Atlantic exploration a possibility? Or is this the random work of a glacier? Come join in the discussion. Presentation will also include a detailed slide-show of the boulders and the work behind the research as well as some spectacular photos of solstice and equinox events. Ongoing research into the site will also be discussed including the possible remains of a nearby stone chamber connected to summer solstice, nearby cairns, as well as more recent woodland Native American use of the area. Admission is $5 per adult, $4 for SRAC members and students. Admission includes entrance to the SRAC exhibit hall.

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pwax said...

I like the phrase "nearby cairns, as well as more recent woodland Native American use". Probably was inadvertent.