Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Woods Hole outings

With respect to:
Day 1 - Locust hole
Day 2 - Fringes of Webster woods
Day 3 - NE of Thomas Landers
Day 4 - west of Punch Bowl
Day 5 - Bourne Cons lands
Day 6 - WHOI Quisset

Day 2 - Fringes of Webster Woods
A little prayer seat:Found some more of the typical low degenerate ground piles. Also saw this curiousity:
I do not see any signs of fire use [like the "orb"?] so what is this? People camp in these woods, sometimes for extended periods - it being the Cape and all.

Day 3 - NE of Thomas Landers
Some nice colored mushrooms:A beautiful, simple, rock-on-rock:

Day 4 - west of Punch Bowl
A couple of rock piles in the trail,just past the end of Terhuen Dr.
These play well into the narrative of archeology hidden in suburbia. They must have been good sized piles originally.

Then uphill from there, a couple of very subtle structures. Like this mini gap-pile:
And other low degenerate piles:See the shiny bull-briar leaves? Walked through miles of the stuff this summer - getting used to lifting my feet and, later, to the sting of salt water on the many scratches.

[Saw nothing in Bourne]

Day 6 - WHOI Quisset
A couple of possibly recent structures in the woods by the drive into the Quisset Campus. Bad lighting:And nearby, a funny structure with a standing stone (or "backrest", or "headstone")
There was blue writing and a blue heart on the standing stone. So what is this? Also, right along one of the Quissett Campus trails, is the finest split-wedged rock example I have seen down on the Cape. Split-wedged rocks are rare down here, in general - I used to think they did not exist.

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