Wednesday, August 18, 2010

treasure hunters discuss rock piles

Interesting mix of ethical stances. I note that no-one mentions ever finding any "treasure" in or near a rock pile. For example

The older chiefs were supposed to like to be buried there by water is what I was told. When i found the ones I was talking about there were 5 of them. I found one in a totally different place and a relative with me really wanted to dig so we did but with the understanding that if we saw bones we were covering it back up...we dug all the rocks out and down below four feet never found anything at all just the pile of rocks. But some of the rocks were a foot or two down into the ground. The archaeologist said many of the really old ones have turned to dust and if you do not know what to look for you will dig right past them. "

Also note a second group of photos. Seems like the piles are triangular - suggesting they are what I call "marker" piles.

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