Monday, July 15, 2013

"Rock Piles And Stone Structures" from InfoBarrel

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pwax said...

I think the author is making a couple mistakes. One is leaving the reader with the impression that most rock piles are from agriculture, which is just plain wrong. The second is a well-phrased thought about the same type of structure being built by different people in different places. Yes! But then the author misses a basic step, confusing Europe with New England: Eastern US rock pile structures are NOT found in Europe. (So they must be Indian.)

Dennis Dee said...

Concerning my area, Sturbridge Ma-Woodstock Connecticut, I was told by a Wabquasett Nipmuck Council Member that the enclosed ground
cairn with a niche at ground level was for the feeding the Earth spirit.
Someone had mentioned they left food and tobacco in the niche. That statement was right on the money.