Friday, October 04, 2013

Rock piles at the Sanders Preserve in Glenville NY, County of Schenectady

Craig , a Friend of a friend writes:
These piles are located in the Sanders Preserve in Glenville NY, County of Schenectady. It is land once owned by the Glen Sanders family, the first European family to build a home north of the Mohawk River. That was in 1635. I have tried to find just when they first owned the land, but to no avail. The family owned this 370 acre piece of property the whole time, until the Town of Glenville was able to acquire it, and make it a preserve. When I approach someone who is someone in the town, and mention these piles, the first response is "oh, the farmers field stones".

The preserve is broken up into 3 zones. I have just recently gone into Zone 3, and found 23 more piles, of which these five in the pics are a part of. My partner and I will go in there after the leaves fall, and GPS plot what we find. I have done so with what we found in the other two zones. These GPS plots would dash anyones idea of farmers fieldstones, as the placement of them is seemingly random, and no farmer would try to plow straight furrows between them. The five pics I have sent are all within eyeshot of each other, and are situated at the head of the Whitetail Creek. With the other two zones, it brings to a total of just a little less or a little more than 80 piles. Some of the piles are little more than a gathering of rocks at ground level. These five I sent to you are some of the largest. There is one I have seen from a distance that I consider very large. What might be deemed a platform rock.

I also, in zone 3, have found what may be effigy piles. The last one in this series I sent may be a turtle effigy. I only saw this after looking at the pics. I did not see the legs, and head, until I uploaded and viewed them. I have found no others in the other two zones that I would call an effigy. There may be two other effigy piles in Zone 3.

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